You’re an idiot, but we can work through this

I sometimes project the illusion that life is perfect since Josie Junebug came to live with us. The truth, however, is that two members of the household are immune to her charms and remain resentful to this day. Those two individuals are our teenage cats.

Before her, they were the adored pets of the house. Now, they are forced to cohabitate with a giant slobbering beast. She tries to play with them, which is as tempting as as a freshman playing tackle football with a senior. She drinks their water with all the grace of a blender-weilding toddler. She lurks as they eat, has a resounding bark, and is gassy. She hoards the comfy furniture.

Our more outgoing cat smacks her as she walks by, for the mere crime of being annoyingly alive. The other, more reserved yet also vengeful, likes to plant himself passively in Josie’s path, a living blockade.

Yet, there are two particular occasions where tolerance is practiced.  One such case is in the prewashing of dishes. As we load them in after supper,  Josie works from one side while one of our cats stands on the door and works another angle. There is a complete lack of drama.

Nearly every day in our house concludes with a bit of calm, found only when the kids are in bed. My husband and I usually sit and watch an hour of television. Having emptied our laps and hands of the louder offspring, our fur babies all find their way into the living room, settling in as close as possible for cuddles and petting. This also, apparently, is a tolerable neutral zone.

With presidential campaigns coming to a close, I find myself hoping, after all the months of ever-more-bitter vitriol, that we can also find a tolerable neutral zone in this country.  Every time I opened Facebook the last couple of months, I found myself slammed with each side’s newest “how could you vote for Major Party Candidate after reading this” post. On the upside, the nastiness was enough to help me cut way back on my mindless Facebook habit.


I’m not naive enough to hope, or even ask, that after the election, we all put aside our differences. I do have concerns, for the first time in my privileged life, about our transfer of power being less than democratic or peaceful.

I do hope we can remember, though, that whatever the outcome, we share many goals for ourselves, each other, and this country. Even though our country has been fighting like (you know it’s coming…) cats and dogs, even those two famed enemies can put aside their differences to accomplish some common goals.

Everyone deserves peaceful homes and loving cuddles. So, please, let’s find a way to work through this.